4 Foot French Door Shades Inspiration

4 foot French door shades are actually able to be a good alternative as like window treatment in a house. Well, shade is certainly used to reduce glaring shine from the sun outside the house. It is also functional to reduce much noises created outside of the house especially if the house is located in urban area. Most people choose window treatment to give them little privacy from the outside. No matter what the design of the window treatment, it still gives many advantages including beautify a living space.

4 Foot French Door Shades Inspiration

French door is type of interior or exterior door. It is quite famous right now since it offers stylish design for any home decorating concept. French door is definitely original with different design from the common door at home. It is made of wood with large scale of glass material among it. Checkers pattern to frame the glasses among the wood is classic. And it is always helpful to distinguish this kind of door with the others. Well, now, 4 foot French door shades come in different design and detail to choose. It may be wooden blind, screen shade, shutter even fabric curtain. It is up to you to choose them according to the room decorating, budget, and desire. Wooden blind is the first French door shade to discuss here. It typically comes in rolling style. It means, you are able to adjust your privacy level while using this kind of shade of the French door. Bamboo is the most popular material that used for French door blind. It offers softer texture and lighter natural scheme on the door.

4 Foot French Door Shades Design

4 Foot French Door Shades Concept

The next 4 foot French door shades are curtain and screen shade. The curtain for the French door is typically installed in the middle part of panel. Selecting appropriate pattern or motif and color scheme of the curtain may allow you to combine it in harmony. Screen shade is the last French door shade model that discussed in this article. It usually comes in blurred screen attached on the French door glasses. With this shade, you can get little private area while allowing the natural light get in through.

4 Foot French Door Shades 2012