Alternative art wallpaper

If you have tried to remove old wallpaper, you know very well what it is inconvenient. Although there are many products that allow you to remove the wallpaper, they never look as good as they should. Alternative art wallpaper may be a simpler solution to this problem by eliminating the loss. If the loss is still a good fit, you can paint over the wallpaper. Before you decide to paint the existing wallpaper, you need to look closely at it and whether it is fit enough to be painted over. If there are loose areas they need reglued before painting. If you have a lot of loose areas or rips you should just go ahead and take a loss instead of trying to paint over it.
Alternative art wallpaper ideas
There are several things you need to properly paint the background image Alternative art wallpaper. You need a filler, a Stanley knife, brush, roller, paint tray, sandpaper, drop cloths or plastic sheeting and blue painters tape.
Alternative art wallpaper design
Start a tap adjacent to all the wallpapered surface, which may be painted. In all these areas with blue painter’s masking tape. Place plastic sheeting or cloth drop cloths to the surrounding floor. If you can, try to connect to tape drop cloths skirting boards, this should help to keep the paint on the floor. Disposable plastic drop cloths are usually very inexpensive and easy to use. They are easily available at most paint or hardware stores. Remove all switch plates, light switches.
Alternative art wallpaper 2012
Once you have fixed the loose, and certainly they are very reattached, you must apply for joint compound to all joints in the background. Apply a thin layer of joint compound all the seams and allow to dry completely. When the filler is dry, the used paper, fine sand, and sand to the flat surface of the Alternative art wallpaper material.
Alternative art wallpaper ideas
You are now ready to use primer loss. Use oil-based primer with a roller and brush, wallpaper, prime a thin layer of primer. Using the primer is a crucial step in the paint loss, because it helps the wallpaper to accept the paint and tie securely. Otherwise, the background may lead to bubbles upwardly and peeled away from the wall.

It is now time to apply the paint. I do not usually recommend an eggshell or satin latex paint for bathrooms and kitchens as well as a flat latex to all other areas. Eggshell and satin paints are durable and usually fits better bathroom and kitchen. Finish by using the same method you used to use a primer, but if you use latex paint can be cleaned with water and you have to paint thinner to clean oil-based primer.