Apartment Living Room Design

Apartment Living Room Design — This article will discuss about the design of the living room. Especially for those of you who live in apartments. In the apartment, the space available is usually not large. Sometimes the living room also doubles as a family. Therefore, good design is certainly attention to both of these functions. Moreover, if you do not have storage for storing magazines, books, helmets, CDs and so on. Not to mention if you want to also show off wedding photos, family photos or a portfolio. Now be a family room truly multi-functional. If you do not carefully designed, can-can people can no longer distinguish: where the warehouse where the family room?


Apartment Living Room Design



small apartment living room design


Therefore, before you decide to make Apartment Living Room Design for family room / living room you, first of all make a check list items outside furniture to be placed there. With this list, you have helped to know approximately what size furniture that can accommodate your goods. Maximize space to put stuff on your furniture. You need to consider the many couch or sitting in the living room. Do not force it to put the sofa with a seat that many. Adjust the size of your living room. And if you do not really need a lot of couch because not many guests, simply place a comfortable sofa 2 seater. The other side can be left flexible. In addition, you can use a folding chair. Or rollaway beds. Who knew a close friend or relative willing to watch together the football world championship broadcast. Or just play cards.


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So that the room was relieved, use the back drop to put the tv. Or also makes storage cabinets camouflaged as a backdrop. Either side of the backdrop can be used to put lots of drawers. In essence, everything is there place. And are in place. Not scattered. The use of stainless and glass ornaments will give the impression of a strong modern. You can also consider the mirror to give effect to the relief of the room. A small space so it feels relieved. A dramatic change is not it? Oh yes, a photo or painting can you put on the sofa. In order for the family room warmer. Avoid using colors that are too old walls. Choose pastel colors if you want your living room come alive — Apartment Living Room Design.