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Living in a small apartment can create a real decorating challenge. There is hardly enough storage space and make rooms look spacious is a difficult task. Even if you have a small apartment, you can make it appear twice in a few simple tricks. In this article you will find some simple Apartment living room ideas to make a small apartment look bright and spacious.

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A few well-placed accessories add vibrant colors

When decorating small rooms, you should always keep clutter to a minimum. Showing just a few colorful accents and accessories to add depth and interest. In the living room, a large vase filled with fresh flowers, a candle and a large a print or a painting on one wall is all you need to add color while the area is open and spacious.

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Living kitchen can be so small that only one person could be room at a time. Keep counters cleaned off by placing small appliances, bread, chips, dishes and other off cabinet or pantry if available.

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Interior room sparingly

In Apartment living room ideas, all you need is a living room with a sofa, chair and coffee table. You may want to invest in a small corner of the bookshelf to keep books and magazines in a small light on top. Keep the furniture to the wall so the floor in the middle room is open and easy to walk around. Colorful accents this area rug adds texture and an extra color.

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The master bedroom can be a little too, to give it a twin or full size bed, bedside tables and chest of drawers. Keep clutter in this room at least as well, and add color to large wall hangings.

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Give plenty of natural light

Some rooms will look larger when it is full of natural light. Most of the apartments are furnished with mini-blinds, but if you want to make the room look bigger is a simple trick that actually make the windows seem larger. Hang the curtain rod that is approximately twice the width of the window, the use of lights or colorful sheers by pulling back on both sides. You may want to hang the rod close to the ceiling to give the impression of a long window as well.

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Light colors visually expand the space

The Apartment living room ideas, use furnishings that are light in color to make the room look bigger. Dark colors make the area fade, brighter shades to visually increase the space. Consider light sand, pastel peach, butter yellow and other bright shades of upholstery, accent rugs and curtains. You can add splashes of color accent pillows and throws.