Apartment Terrace Design

Apartment terrace design — As a transition space from the exterior to the interior of the house, the terrace still has the same character with the situation in the house but most of the fields related to outer space. But the core itself has a variety of sizes, especially for apartment terrace . For an apartment, the size of the terrace area is relatively limited. So, you need to consider carefully, what are the components that must exist to be a good terrace standart without worrying that the terrace has a limited size.

apartment terrace design

Generally there is a terrace in an apartment in the area in a state of half-open balcony, terrace can also be part of the home garden. Then the planning and the setting is also different from the other room. For the use of supporting materials should be different from the other room. As the floor, you can use a texture floor terrace so you must not slippery when rainy season. And its materials are also very diverse, can be of ceramics, wood, and natural stone. It could even combine everything into a new, more attractive design. And to the walls, you can make it more rugged than other rooms. In order for your porch does not seem too formal.

apartment terrace furniture

You can also create a different atmosphere to Apartment terrace design from the point of thinking about the location of light sources. For the accessories of its own terrace, you can combine it with the arrangement of furniture equipment that matches the color of your porch. The beauty of the visible face of the terrace will look best if you also maintain the cleanliness in the area around the patio. Terrace was also inseparable from the home garden. Because the terraces would be seen dead in the absence of the surrounding greenery. Then it would not hurt if you add some potted plants around your Apartment terrace design.

apartment terrace design ideas