Art Deco Interior Design Features

In today’s models, the main focus is a lot of rows that can be considered organic or abstract, but the art deco interior is the opposite, consisting of well-defined lines, with curves that mimic a more efficient scheduling of aircraft. The popular Art Deco Interior Design is on geometric forms, often angular and blocky, like trapezoids and shapes of impact pyramid forms are thought to be derived from impressions of the ancient Aztec temples. Symmetry is a key factor in the Art Deco style, the room is very symmetrical.
art deco interior design styles
Smooth textures, and artificial materials

At a time when Art Deco Interior Design was a popular, was at the top of America to new heights of industrial power, and as an art deco decor means the celebration of this legacy. Materials such as stainless steel and improved textures and things like lacquered wood to cause a human view of nature and the free space of the room is decorated in Art Deco interior. These materials also increase the clean lines mentioned earlier, the appearance of providing a decorative Stark, and at the same time. Other materials popular at that time was of marble, ebony, and glass. Many of the materials of art-deco interior gives off the shiny surface.
Art Deco Interior Design
The planned offer Substances

Art Deco Interior Design came to the forefront after World War II, held in the United States out of the insulation of tanks and the use of a broader and more global perspective. As a result, much of the materials involved in an art deco interior design influence on other cultures. Many of the fabrics and softer materials may contain Shark Skin, Zebra patterns, or a soft elegant silk. Each of these can bring the mind warm Pacific waters, savannahs in Africa and the beauty of Chinese and Japanese culture.

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