Backyard Poolside Ideas for Comfort Living Space

Swimming pool is certainly an optional for home design. It is kind of large or small pool where everyone can swim for relaxing and exercising at home. Backyard poolside ideas may be perfect choices to complete the home beauty. In this case, there are several things to consider when you are going to incorporate the lovely living space with a pool. Space and condition of the house are two crucial factors to consider. Let’s start it from the space of the house first.

Backyard Poolside Ideas 2012

Water is natural element besides plants which is able to help the house find fresh and serenity atmosphere. We have to decide gently an appropriate space outside the house where the pool will be installed. Since they are backyard poolside ideas, they must be located in the backyard. In this discussion, we will show you that backyard is not always covered by plain ground or soil. It may be clean with stone walking track as the flooring. Benefiting limited backyard area for poolside seems to be perfect method to create such serenity area in the house area. The pool is available in various sizes depend on your backyard space. Try to choose circular or elliptical pool to make limited space looks spacious. If your backyard is large enough, rectangular pool will maximize the space well. Backyard poolside ideas are also suitable with small garden application to give green spot area surround it.

Backyard Poolside Ideas Concept

Backyard Poolside Ideas Deck

Stone flooring such as poured floor, wooden floor like deck, or even cement floor allow all backyard poolside ideas clean. If there is little area with soil, don’t be afraid to cover it with green grass. It will make your barefoot is not dirty to step on without footwear. Some pots of green leaves on the plants, colorful scheme on flowers, and attractive shadow from a tree add more comfort accent in this poolside area. For the best night view, attaching LED strip light is great solution. With green, blue, pink, and red color of the light, this backyard poolside will look gorgeous in the dark.

Backyard Poolside Ideas Layout

Raised Backyard Poolside Ideas