Basement stair lighting Tips

In the basement! This area of ??the home is usually given the least attention when it comes to overall design, function and livability. So if you have or intend to change the basement area with family or living room, which really should be part of the overall benefit of the living space at home.
basement stair lighting ideas
In Basement stair lighting, in general, is a dark area, because it is a below ground level, and it is only a few of the window, and are frequently six or casement windows, which are often located in wells the window, which in turn reduces the availability of external light. Therefore, the big question, but rarely considered, is the safety factor, which is due to navigation in dimly lit area, especially if it is full of storage or other objects that are normally not used very often.
Basement stair lighting
One of the first steps to consider the improvement of natural light in the Basement stair lighting area is to destroy the shrubs and other plants or obstacles of light, which is close to or on the side of the basement windows. This simple step can help to increase natural light down.
basement stair lighting 2012
If you can enlarge or add windows in the basement, this will also help a lot, but for many this represents a considerable expense, which may end up at the bottom of a list of projects to be funded.

The traditional lighting in the Basement stair lighting mainly consists of low-cost, convenient, and “only the absolutely necessary” lighting. How many basements can not think that was equipped with a bare light bulbs or fluorescent tubes a long list. While these options may be a cheap and effective, it certainly did not make the basement of a very attractive place to spend some time involved in recreational and.
basement stair lighting ideas