Bathroom Door Designs

There are many factors to consider when designing a bathroom. Not only the interior is required, the selection of any doors it is important to get a comfortable shower. Bathroom not only serves as a place to wash up. Now, the bathroom begin to shift the function to be a place of relaxation. No wonder if the bathroom is now designed to the maximum. The goal is to get comfortable.


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bathroom door designs


Of course, interior design greatly affect the comfort of this room. In addition, the selection of door is also worth noting that bathrooms remain comfortable and safe. The selection of material for bathroom door designs should receive attention. This moisture-prone areas need the door of a material that is not easily damaged by water. The door glass is a suitable choice. To choose a door that matches the bathroom, you should consider usability, aesthetics, and cost. Choosing a bathroom door material depends on the character of the bathroom. Is it to the bathroom wet or dry. For the relatively wet bathroom, you should not use the wood material.


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bathroom doors design


The bottom of the bathroom door had always been the areas most prone to damage. Because, under the door area is the center of every drop of water bath, so it will always be moist and wet so that the bottom of the door colors always fade faster. Moisture into the most important factor when choosing a point where the door will be installed. If you want to use the wooden door to the bathroom wet, you should select an appropriate coating to safeguard them. Coatings can reduce the risk of damage to the wooden door. Wood material is suitable as the bathroom door is large, where the layout can be set so that the door of the water is not directly related to the door. Because the wet bathroom are more likely to be moist, use a wooden door is accelerating decay. Thus, it would be nice if the wood material is used in a small bathroom. While for the dry bath, wood panels can be applied. Because the dry bath splashes are rare as in the wet bathroom.