Bathroom Towel Rack Storage

The more spacious bathroom area, usually more extensive too dry area. Well area in dry areas like this we can make the storage space of various tools related to the bathroom. For example, create a storage area for stock soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes. And what about the towel storage. In this article you’ll see some design ideas towel storage that you can make an example.


bathroom towel rack storage



bathroom towel rack



bathroom towel rack shelf


Of the storage space needed for the sake of it does not need too big. Just adjust the size to your needs and size of items to be stored there. Forms of storage space can simply follow the existence of empty space. To keep the towel, you can create / put the rack on the bottom of the sink counter. These empty spaces are not utilized. By placing the shelf in there, clean towels can be stored there. In addition to this section, storage space can also be made on the walls around the area dry. Remember, only the dry area is the most appropriate as a storage area. On the wall, you can install a storage ring is composed of two hooks lined from top to bottom. You can roll up your towels and then put it there.


bathroom towel rack ideas



bathroom towel rack decorating ideas


Different ways can you apply for towel storage. You can use a ladder shaped like a shelf for storage. Unique is not it? The latter, how the most appropriate storage place, of returning to his bathroom design. The most appropriate, of design from the outset of your bathroom. You must be creative to make storage towel in your bathroom. Many ways to do to make unique storage towel bathroom. Included is there any need to make storage for a variety of consumer goods, especially for your bathroom towel rack storage.