Bathroom Windows Design

Many ways to beautify bathroom walls, one of them by designing a bathroom window and looks pretty good. The walls of the room is one that is often seen massive. Walls in the narrow space often gives the effect of pressure and increase the effect of a narrow room. It is only natural, because the wall elements are in addition to functioning to seal the space, the wall also serves as a visual divider. The eyes have a tendency to look to the horizon (the farthest point of view), and the tendency of the eye wall was cut off. This is what makes “interference” in the view. This article contains a few windows bathroom design ideas that you can apply in your bathroom.


small bathroom windows



bathroom windows ideas



bathroom windows design


The easiest way to continue the direction of view it is to create a virtual horizon, ie increase visibility by putting forward the view window to the outdoors. Not just a window, you can play the effect of curvature on the wall. This effect makes the eye focus more play, not focused on the search for the farthest distance views. Make overdraft walls, windows and mirrors and put on overdrafts could be a solution combination that makes the eye to be comfortable. Narrow space can feel no pressure anymore.


bathroom windows



small bathroom windows ideas


Many still regard the window just as one element in a home with the main function of light and air to enter. Also ensure the availability of fresh air and to minimize moisture in the room. Many are not aware, the window can present a particular expression in the facade to make the building look more attractive. Given its function is so important, it should seriously think about the existence of a window. Therefore, a unique window designs and tailored to the needs of the more room is needed.