Beautiful Loft Design Inspirations

Beautiful Loft Design Inspirations — Living in an apartment has become a trend in big cities. Actually, not just a trend only, but has a special need for many people who want to stay in town so it is not far from their offices. Many concepts are offered to residents of the concept of apartment units, one of which adalang ‘loft apartment’, the unique concept of an apartment unit consisting of 2 floors, but not like the second floor. And usually, at 2nd floor, a loft becomes ‘mezanine’ or for sleeping. This will all give the impression of the room a more spacious and comfortable.


Beautiful Loft Design Inspirations



beautiful loft design


The concept of ‘loft’ are mostly found in developed countries, where people want practical and efficient lifestyle. In addition, Beautiful Loft Design Inspirations will also provide the comforts of life which fit the needs of modern city dwelling adults who want a lot of this. In view of its etymology, ‘loft’ is a space on the top floor which position directly under the roof, or who is commonly known as the ‘attic’. And this space is used as a ‘live’ rather than just a place of storage of goods. At first glance, ‘loft’ has more or less the same properties as ‘Attic’, but the most fundamental difference is that the floor area of ‘attic’ cover the entire space beneath it, while ‘loft’ area only covers a portion of the space underneath (mezanine) . Will indirectly provide the advantages of the characteristics of ‘loft’ itself.


beautiful loft conversions


Structuring the family room or dining area positioned on the ‘void’ that has a ceiling higher. That way, the space will seem bigger and the sun can go into a lot of space, besides having a ‘vista’ from the ‘view’ in sekelililgnya. With the top floor of the staircase as a liaison presence is a sure thing, and the design of the staircase can add to the characteristics of the overall design. The concept of ‘loft’ the other is indeed to sleep alone, do not have a separate room. So, it turns out the concept of the apartment was directly proportional to the land. Not only about the apartment, but also the concept — Beautiful Loft Design Inspirations.