bedroom arrangement ideas

The master bedroom can be tedious if not designed properly. Good master bedroom interior at least pay attention to three main elements. Namely, the harmony of color and decoration, function, and mood or vibration energy. Thirdly it is certainly interrelated and equally important. But, from where? Try to get you started by making a list of the function or use of the master bedroom. For example, a place for quiet relaxation and sleep / not noisy. As well as space for reading. And, quite romantic for you and your partner.


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For that notice that the sun can get into all corners of the room and also enough air ventilation. Reading lamp on the left side of the bed right to add lighting when you want to read in bed. A place to put books in the headboard or nightstand is also required. Bench, low-sized dresser, or desk drawers in the lower end of the bed, not only stylish. But functional. You can put the laptop, hp, or snacks. Mood or atmosphere or vibration energy is the impression you want to get. For example, masculine / feminine, modern, classical-ethnic. warm, calm and so forth. Depending on your (and spouse). Mood or the mood of what you both want. To achieve a masculine mood, choose the color of the skin layer of the dark headboard. While the feminine may be displayed in the style of painting, the padded wall or decorations according your favorite colors. Choice of classic or contemporary furniture can strengthen feminine impression. Use a neutral color that is simple to furniture to mood calm or quiet as you want.


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bedroom arrangement ideas



If you like the atmosphere of ethnic, ethnic furniture has a lot of the old colors. In order for a light and spacious impression can still be obtained, combined with white linen color options as well as glass or mirrors. In the following figure, the old colors of choice walk in closet. Walk in closet happens to be placed in the bedroom. Not a separate room. The impression of weight and narrow offset by the amount of glass and mirrors. And sheets of white plus light-colored carpet. feeling of space still available is not it? In order to maintain harmonious impression. Get rid of items that are not relevant. If your funds are sufficient, you should not fill your bedroom furniture in installments. Designing and making furniture as well as all the better.