Blue bedroom color ideas

Blue bedroom color is the most common color for boys room. But blue are not just suited for kids, you can also have the blue color for the adult bedroom. You can create different style of bedroom design with different kind of blue color. With the dark navy blue, you can have the modern look with a little bit of masculine atmosphere. The navy blue will stands out when you combined it with a clean bright white furnitures. Dark navy blue is now very popular on the contemporary room design. It will give a clean and mature feels to your bedroom.
blue bedroom color ideas
If you want a feminine theme for your bedroom, you can choose the baby blue bedroom color. The light and soft blue will create a romantic color scheme if you combined it with white sheer curtains and laces sheets. This kind of color also look good if with the combination of floral sheets and curtains. It will add the sense of romantic and feminine into your bedroom. The light baby blue color is calming and girly. This color also give a nice atmosphere for relaxing. You can combined the design with light colored wood furnitures or white furnitures.
blue bedroom color schemes
If you have a cheerful and bright spirit, it will be good if you choose the bright turqoise blue bedroom color. Just like fuchia, this color is very popular in contemporary and modern design. This color represent young and free soul, so this will be a good choice for a teenager room. Combined this color also with white furnitures and black and white pattern sheets like stripes, checked, or animal print. Combined it with a little touch of fuschia to make it more fun to look at. For example, put one or two fuschia pillows at the blue theme room. Whatever your choice of blue, remember to provide the room with bright lighting, because blue need a bright light to stands out.
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