Blue Gray Living Room

Blue gray living room Combination of blue and gray colors can be a choice when you are decorating a room. Because the game will result in two color shades are sleek and modern. Blue and gray, which is a cool color, will complement each other. If you want to use blue color to decorate your room, you should select the blue color of water. This color depth will result in beautiful shades of color with gray accents. The combination of blue and gray can be used for your living room.


blue gray paint color ideas


To make room decor by using a combination of two colors, can be in the following manner. Paint the wall with the color scheme of blue and gray. Choose a light gray color to display a neutral or dark blue and medium enterprises to add a sense of pop in the living room. Decorate the room with blue material and complete gray with a touch of white to enhance the contrast and bright. For the living room, you could add a sofa with decorative pillows blue and white motif. This combination is very appealing and makes the atmosphere of your living room to be interesting.


blue gray living room



Add accessories made from silver to accent the color combination of blue and gray. Metallic touch will give a modern look. You can use a lamp made of silver and the ceiling in the living room painted blue and gray. Select equipment that is made of silver, such as drawers, shelves, soap dishes and toothbrush, and faucets. Brighten a room with walls displaying gray or navy blue furniture. You also can display white flowers and place it in a glass vase blue sapphires. For the living room, you can create a corner to read a table lamp and equipped with a blue glass vase and white. Basically, you need not be afraid to combine two colors with the same theme in an indoor application. This article shows that the two colors in cool colors can be applied together but it’s still an interesting side show as long as you combine the two colors with the right proportion.