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If your eating habits or health , seasons have a great impact on every part of our lives. The Bohemian interior design seasons are not the only division of a year instead of the marked changes in the weather mark our lives. Such as food, lifestyle and the time of day , the seasons have a profound effect on how you accessorize . It is a basic rule of fashion that should always buy accessories depending on the season , both on the choice of a shade of lipstick or to choose a wedding dress. Similarly seasons are very important when shopping for interiors. While bedding is a very small part , but it makes a big difference in the appearance of a room. Therefore, it is necessary to choose bedding according to the season for a comfortable and stylish look and feel of your room.

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Summer is the hottest season of the year and so you want to keep everything fresh and light so that you can have a deep sleep even on the hottest nights ! Apparently, it is necessary to replace the thick feather and down bedding that is lightweight , flexible and comfortable. Cotton is the best material for the Bohemian interior design especially in summer, because it is a natural fiber and can easily absorb moisture from the skin , keeping you cool . Also remember stains and polyesters are not the best choice for the summer, as they heat up very quickly , so as to avoid them. Then comes the color scheme , the combination of neutral colors with bright shades works great for the summer. It is not only elevate your bed, but also give the summer heat in the bedroom !

Spring is usually associated with pastels and shades of color. Even a hand looking with a mixture of bedding bohemian style perfectly represents the trends this spring. For example bed linen with lines and bright colors can add an exquisite touch to a room without being overwhelming . As playful design and vibrant colors can also work a lot in the spring to accentuate a room decor.

Autumn , With autumn , warm brown and red shades are the best choice for Bohemian interior design. You can also choose deep dark shades of chocolate and prints in white gold and provide an interesting twist .

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