Courtyard garden design

Courtyard garden design courses generally follow the same rules for the design of small gardens. The real main difference is paying more attention to vertical space – walls that surround the course. Some small gardens that require attention , but almost all courses have the additional consideration .

In general , the first thing that comes to mind to decorate the walls and the vertical space is to cover the screws. Although it has a lot of good character, that decorates the existing border without creating the illusion of depth or limit .

Courtyard garden design picturesIn most cases , I found that the creation of an independent source of height to the walls of the court and / or in the corners can create a 3D effect is very similar to that found in paintings. In a sense , it is an independent element , a reference point during the use of the landscape as a background or the walls of the frame. Framing an element in this way to create depth limit behind this Courtyard garden design.

Some good items to use are small, tall trees , large pots , pans the stands , groups of vessels , pergola and decoration. Creating beds, close to the walls , fill them with the same grapes as the walls , and placing a few large specimens of plants or trees also has a beautiful effect spectacular setting with a lot of depth .

Courtyard garden design ideasThe color of the walls also makes a big difference in depth , the atmosphere and ambience of the garden. The bright colors and light are more closed to the Courtyard garden design atmosphere , while darker colors add more depth and a greater sense of space and distance .

Wall decor, decorative ornaments wall wrought iron, terracotta and wall fountains are also good items to make good use of vertical space in a small closed in gardens. When the use of such items , pay attention to the principles of unity, simplicity and repetition. Be consistent . The use of variety of objects can begin to look very crowded.

Courtyard garden design plans