Decorative Glass Design

A residential component consists of many supporters. One of the complementary components of a house which is quite often used is glass. Glass can be used in the various basic components of the home such as windows, doors, roofs, and even can be used as wall insulation. One type of glass is widely used in designing a house is a decorative glass, which is a type of glass is not always plain and clear. Decorative glass is divided into several types, namely stained glass, frosted glass, glass melton, opalescent glass, until wisspy glass.


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Stained glass is a kind of glass that looks like a painted surface with a variety of colors. Stained glass is usually found in the decorations of houses of worship such as mosques or churches in the upper corner of the outer wall, just below the roof. Frosted glass is a kind of glass is not very transparent so that somewhat obscure the view from inside to outside and vice versa. If using a glass house, it may be somewhat reduced the use of curtains. Glass of ice there is a neutral color or white and some are colorful. However, the most common in urban areas is a white frosted glass, while the colored glass of ice was found more often in mountainous areas such as villas or bungalows.


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Melton is a kind of glass surfaces such as glass are carved so that it has a surface shaped and rather arise. While wisspy opalescent glass and glass are equally similar opaque glass.  Actually, from the types of glass on top there’s more types of decorative glass that may be used as a component of home design. There is a water glass and tempered glass.  Water glass is glass that can decorate the flowing water on its sides. The glass is gaining popularity now, as seen in some hotel or salon. Water flows on the right side of the glass and the flow will make the glass opaque so that the glass is often used as a barrier or insulation. On housing, water glass is rather rarely used as insulation. Usually water is used as a component of glass ornaments and placed in spaces that often gets people’s attention. The use of decorative glass should be aligned with the theme of home design. Decorative glass is much more expensive than ordinary glass. So, do not let the application of expensive glass is actually a damper on things because of different away from the basic design theme of your home.