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Traditional American furniture design is characterized by the natural tones of solid wood with padding, furniture and decor to match. Modern living room furniture tend to be the clean lines, white and bright colors to put together give a sense of space without interfering with colorful details about Design your own room.

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It is an artistic view. Many people want to describe the modern living room in bright, airy, colorful and interesting details. Not much of a difference, then! In fact, the great American furniture not focusing largely on natural wood surfaces, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian (aka IKEA!) And continental European models seem to be more adventurous, making use of accent colors and experimental forms.

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Is this really true? Many people think that being a little unfair to the American furniture designers, because they tend to cater to what Americans are looking for. But how do you know what you want, if you are constantly exposed to the same old thing?

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Modern Living Room Furniture

In fact, many American home furnishing their homes in Design your own room and turn their backs on the traditional home furniture design. This does not necessarily mean that solid wood furniture in its natural color is off, because the modern design can take advantage of a very natural look with many species of trees, especially American cherry and birch.

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If the term “modern” with a clean white furniture with bright red or blue carpets and colorful pieces that sit in a light floor, so not too many American designers tend to go for this type of contrast. Still, when you think about it deeply, this is not a “modern living room furniture design we discuss here, but” home decor “- and the shape of the interior, which many believe started in the year 1960.

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So maybe the Design your own room are right, although the “modern” upholstered pieces seem to be a traditional design with colorful or white trim. So what is needed? One answer is simple and obvious – to use American ingenuity. Americans are known for their imagination, and many of the U.S. furniture companies that allow you to design your own furniture.