DIY bed frame

Finding a good bed frame can be quite difficult and expensive. For those who are handy with tools, spend money supplies can save you a lot of money, and will help to ensure quality results. Follow these steps to learn how to DIY bed frame.

Diy bed frame 2013

Diy bed frame cheap

What you need

A simple box bed frame, you will need:

• Number of High Quality Wood for having extra on hand is always a good idea if there are errors in the measurements or cuts.
• Saw
• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Wood Glue
• Wood
• Veneered plywood

Diy bed frame and headboard

Diy bed frame cinder blocks

Diy bed frame ideas

Step One: Measure the size of the bed

Use a tape measure to measure all sides of the DIY bed frame. Mark these measurements down on paper, if you go outside the bedroom cut out pieces of a tree trunk.

Step Two: Cut pieces of wood

Measure timber as measured by the bed. Using a pencil, measuring and sawing of wood, respectively.

Step Three: Glue pieces of wood together in High Quality Wood Glue

Use a good quality wood glue, such as Gorilla Glue glue pieces of the bed frame with the measurements.

Step Four: Add support for a wooden frame screws

When the glue is dry according to the directions on the bottle, you put wood screws to properly protect all the pieces of the bed.

Step Five: Attach the support beam

If you build DIY bed frame that is larger than a full size bed, you’ll want to add support beams to the frame. Amount pair of support beams add is up to you, but it should be at least one in the middle of the frame to help the weight and size of the mattress. Measure and cut the bars of step two. The support beams can only be screwed, instead of bonding the first and subsequent addition of the screws.