Epoxy spray paint

Epoxy spray paint on a garage floor is a great way to protect it. This is probably the most common finish people apply to their concrete floor. There is much work needed to make this work but it can certainly be done in a weekend by most do- it-yourselfers. You can always hire a contractor if you are not comfortable with this type of work , or you simply do not have time.

If you are going to work on the application of epoxy paint on your garage floor , then you have to wait a day when the weather is good enough to keep the door open for ventilation. Not only do you need ventilation , but also appropriate protective clothing is required. This includes goggles, rubber gloves, a long sleeve shirt and pants too.

Epoxy spray paint redThere is much preparation required before applying the Epoxy spray paint on the garage floor . Once the work is done and it is done well, then it can look very nice, you will be impressed by the result. This type of paint is a durable product that is applied to the concrete because of its resistance to grease, oil and just about anything that can stain the concrete floor.

There are a number of supplies and tools you’ll need to apply the epoxy paint on a garage floor . Here is a list of things you will need if you do the work yourself:

Rolls -resistant nylon with water
Composed of concrete repair
Hose with good spray nozzle
Hard bristle brush
Cleaner with Bleach
epoxy paint

Epoxy spray paint colorsBe sure to read the instructions on the paint , it is very important that you follow the instructions because it is a job that must be done correctly . Once of the most important aspects of this work is part of the floor to prepare before applying the Epoxy spray paint . If it is not properly prepared and the epoxy will not stick properly.

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