Foyer Decorating Ideas

Foyer decorating ideas— Foyer is a transitional space from the exterior of the building / house to the inside. Or if the apartment foyer is the transition from outside to inside your apartment space. In effect the office lobby, hotel, hall at the very front of the Foyer. In contrast to the porch, foyer inside the building and part of the interior. If you want to look there is plenty of room in the house or building is a transitional space. Foyer only one of them, The other is the stairs and corridors. What does it do? How to set decoration foyer?


foyer decorating ideas small space



foyer decorating ideas



In modern homes, the function of the living room is often omitted. Many of the guests who came to the house is expected, a close friend or family. Was rarely invited guests, or guests of a sudden. Guests then always means someone close to home that can be directly received in the living room (living room). Serious conversation about business can be done outside the home. Well foyer, serves as a transition, welcoming space, where you open the door, to welcome you, small talk, then invited guests to enter. In the foyer, guests can put a troublesome default: raincoat, umbrella, car keys or purse. Or maybe the shoes are wet / dirty.


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Sometimes people combine the functions of the foyer as a space for guests who come just for a moment. Sales that offer goods or courier to pick up deposits. So in the foyer can be placed two chairs and a small table. Then you too can make use of the foyer where you read the morning paper. As a transitional space, foyer may be visible from outside the home, which is when the door is wide open. And you do not need to worry people see the contents inside your house from the outside. Air can enter, the interior is a charming house in sight, but your privacy is maintained. A warm paint color choices, proper arrangement of lights, a painting, mirror or a small table and a vase of flowers, can strengthen the function foyer. Foyer and into a kind of invitation, an expression of welcome, and the promise of a warm atmosphere that will be received guests in the house — foyer decorating ideas.