French country kitchen Decor

With its bright colors and rustic accents, French country kitchen style from the feeling of warmth, family and happiness, it’s no wonder that the French Country Kitchen design is a popular theme for many kitchens across America . Transform your kitchen into family fun hang out place is comparable to that found in the south of France can be easily achieved through painting, accessories, accent pieces and well positioned.
french country kitchen table
There are three key elements to recreate a French country kitchen theme in your home country. These elements are found in the combination of colors, natural materials and accent pieces. Come on in more detail now!
french country kitchen decor
Color: Your choice of paint color is going to be the center of this design theme. As mentioned before, evoking feelings of warmth and happiness is important and a part of what makes this popular decoration. When looking for color inspiration, imagine some of the great paintings by French artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. Blues, poppy red, burnt orange and green are also acceptable all the colors that exist in this topic. Gold and yellow sunflowers are also great ideas to accent colors. The French country kitchen most popular combinations of background colors are blue and gold and poppy red and gold.
French country kitchen
Natural materials: cabinets, furniture and tiles is also important in this topic. You want to avoid styles of furniture that are more modern or contemporary. Look for tables, benches and chairs with a distressed look of wood, pine or plain wood painted with natural colors that complement your chosen wall color. Banquet-style seating areas with fancy pillows provide a comfortable dining area and flow perfectly with this theme. Splash back tiles with rustic design influences works well. Back splashes with vegetables, a cornucopia, fruit or perhaps the sweet images of birds are to be used in this decoration.
french country kitchen design
Accent pieces: Country French is the theme of the design only if roosters, hens and copper pots hanging are all included! The accessories are where you will probably have the most fun with this style of interior design. Using pots Cooper and Cooper on large appliances such as wall carpets seem to be the most common, but do not be afraid to play with different flower arrangements as well. Dried flowers, mostly lavender. Keep fresh flowers in a vase on the table to bring the outdoors and also add a pleasant aroma.
french country kitchen island
french country kitchen cabinets