French decorating style

French countryside is a feeling of warmth and stylish casual pieces mixed with a little grace . French decorating style adorns many distressed or painted fabrics, wood tones and textured walls . And ” old world charm mixed with a little of the country.

French decorating style LuxuryFor the French Country , you should look for things like cracked beams, curved panels , hand-carved decorations and raw material flooring and walls , such as stone or brick. Wrought iron can also be used to improve the appearance and fall of a well-organized interior of the French decorating style . Wrought iron can be used as a wall decoration or use behind your bed as a headboard. There are many design patterns and wrought iron. Parts fencing wall that can be used as decorative elements .

French decorating style modern kitchenThe next step would be to beautify your home with fabrics . Fabrics in this type have a very broad nothing to industrial atmosphere of traditional canvas fabric and linens. Using white monochrome fabrics is an excellent insight into the traditional theme of the French decorating style . Warm and sunny colors , they offer design patterns and bright .

A great idea for an industrial look of the room is to use a linen cloth as a canopy over the bed. It’s pretty cheap if you use two curtain rods with tips. One is located at the front of the room and the other at the foot of the bed with rope and canvas style ceiling hooks . Drape the fabric over the two rods of the length of the bed with a little droopy or consolidation on the ground on both sides and now you have yourself a glass .

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