Front Facade House Designs

Buy and design a home is often faced with the problem of the facade of the house. Therefore, the facade tend to describe the character of the owner after the house was finished. For that, it takes creativity to design the facade of a good home to home in accordance with the character of the landlord. Facade can be generally defined as visible or driveway surface. The facade is a mirror or the character of the building itself. Facade like the clothes we wear will reflect the character or personality of ourselves. Therefore, in designing a home looks, you should choose what kind of people would like to see ourselves. In making the facade should not be arbitrary.


front facade house designs






facade house design


There are several things to note. Style or concept, for example. Facade as well as residential style has varying types. For that, go back to the owner of the house like the concept of what kind of facade. The first step should be done is to determine the character of the building what you want displayed. To do so, there are several things to note. Such as the use of materials and the use of textures that are used. Second, natural stone and marble materials and concrete will provide a hard and heavy, while the material of glass, wood and shiny white metal will give the impression of light. Moreover, the selection of the color elements. Usually bright colors and shiny will give the impression of light and near. Meanwhile, dark colors will give the impression of cold and distant. Related to the selection or composition further comparison between the open field wall with the enclosed wall.


facade house



house design facades


Areas on a large wall openings will reduce the impression of a closed and the armature. The use of openings in the sense that the field can be passed by a great light will create the impression of a transparent wall so that the resulting impression of friendliness. The selection of shapes and line patterns. Selection of a straight or angular form will provide a firm and rigid. While the curved shape gives the impression of flexibility. Example, to the facade of the house minimalist, the type of material used should be non-binding. However, for most of the selected color using a color-color gradation between white to black. While the selected pattern and tend to form horizontal and vertical patterns such as the use of natural stone that is cut by machine. Or the use of concrete that was given a straight-line path. Moreover, he added, minimalist home is not much to play with form processing, but stressed on the game fields and use a combination of materials and textures.