Full Wall Fireplace Surrounds in Contemporary Style

Having a traditional warmer in a living space is a must for certain areas in the world such as Europe and America. It is because winter always becomes a season where we should prepare the warmth by lighting the fire on the fireplace anytime. Fireplace is definitely useful from time to time. It is kind of home appliance which commonly patented on the wall in certain room such as living room, dining room, and bedroom. Fireplace is divided into several parts namely: fire spot, chimney, and mantel. Full wall fireplace surrounds are kind of timeless mantel model until today.

Full Wall Fireplace Surrounds Sample

Full wall fireplace surrounds are type of fireplace mantel which intentionally designed to frame the fireplace. This frame is applied on the external side of the fireplace. It is useful as fireplace complement. Mantel on the fireplace is certainly imperative to consider. It is because the mantel design can influence the concept of home interior decoration. Additionally, this fireplace surround is also able to make this traditional room warmer looks more beautiful. There are many ideas of wall fireplace mantel design. The first full surround mantel of fireplace is made of wood. It is classic style which is always attractive from the past. Artistic detail on the carved edge creates such luxurious accent on the whole fireplace part. You are even able to find the fireplace with silver, bronze, and gold scheme for royal design interpretation. The next wall fireplace surround mantel is made of stone.

Full Wall Fireplace Surrounds Picture

The stone involves brick, cement stone, and marble. Brick wall mantel gives warmer accent on its maroon color scheme. Your Italian home design will look great with this brick full wall fireplace surrounds idea. Cement stone offers cooler accent on the fireplace. Furthermore, it is more minimalist for contemporary home design. Since it is made of cement, the color must be in grey. And in fact, this neutral hue is compatible with futuristic nuance in modern home design. Marble is more expensive alternative for wall fireplace mantel. It comes in various texture and motif. In addition, many colors collection allow you to follow the latest trend of home interior decoration.

Full Wall Fireplace Surrounds Design