Green Bathroom Ideas

Generally, the bathroom has a size smaller than other rooms in the house. But the bathroom fun, you can decorate it. To facilitate the decoration of the bathroom, you can choose a theme. The selection of the theme of many kinds. One common theme is the selection done by selecting a specific color as the color of bathroom design. This time, we’ll show you some design ideas bathroom green.


lime green bathroom ideas



green bathroom ideas


Many steps can be done to get the green bathroom. The easiest thing to do is paint your bathroom walls with the color green. Choose a soft color that makes you relax. You can also put the tiles for walls, floors, or as a decorative item on a table with a green color. To be sure, tile adds a natural feel to any room. If you want to use the curtain at the window, which allows to use free sunlight into the bathroom. As an option, you can use a curtain with a translucent material or a light with a color that enhances the feel humble in the bathroom. Choose curtains that are practical for the bathroom, but also beautiful. Elections should not be a green curtain. You can give a touch of other colors that have a matching color with a green or yellow like ivory. If you use the shower, you should use a shower curtain to fit the theme. Choose a shower curtain that resemble natural fibers. However, if you want more colorful bathrooms, choose colors that enhance the overall look of the bathroom. If using a patterned curtain, be sure not to make the room too crowded.


bright green bathroom ideas



olive green bathroom ideas



As a counterweight to the decor, you can use white color to enhance your decor. Do not be afraid to add white towels, curtains, or a white mat to decorate the bathroom. The white color is a natural color that automatically lift the mood of the room. If you do not want to use white, you can use different shades of green in your bathroom. Ranging from a darker green color to the lighter. These shades can balance your bathroom decor.