Green feng shui bedroom

We are always looking for something that will improve the lives of citizens. Not many ways, we will talk about Feng Shui Tips and how they can improve. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese principle, which was believed to help improve and to love life and health, which are consistent with its rules.
Green feng shui bedroom  ideas
Today we talk Green feng shui bedroom Tips and how it can be used to achieve a good and positive atmosphere in the bedroom.

Create a clean and clear, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, and he says people are lucky if they have a clean and tidy. In practice, it is believed there is a “chi”, which flows into the room. The term “chi” is a negative or a positive life force. When the flow of energy in the room, clutters the flow is considered to prevent or cause a disturbance in the flow. Therefore, it is important to clean the room. Under the bed, there should be no cabinets or boxes, and you should not put anything under the bed, it must be kept clean and should be cleaned on a regular basis. The rooms are dirty, apparently to create an uncomfortable environment and stress in your life.
Green feng shui bedroom design  ideas
The things you do not want to appear Rooms

Green feng shui bedroom is believed that you should not put anything that symbolizes the water inside the bedroom. This is why you should never put your aquarium or fountains inside the room. Similarly, you should avoid a symbolic image as a violent people or animals inside the room, like statues, paintings and photographs. Remove them as soon as possible. You will feel more relaxed and calm away from objects of this room. Another important thing is that you should never place a mirror in the room, not at any cost, where you can see on the bed.
Green feng shui bedroom
It is advisable to have a free room home electronics. This includes radios, televisions, computers and other electronic devices. The room is considered the best if it is neutral colors like cream, Green feng shui bedroom, blue, beige, and light. Colors such as red is a bad impact on the environment and the room. See More Ying Yang is because some of the negative energies, such as feelings of restlessness and insomnia.

Positioning of beds

Blankets should be placed on the wall without the door of the room. It is bad to put a gateway to the Murphy bed is placed, and it is not a good country, or sleeping in bed with the feet towards the door. End is disposed in direct contact with the wall. Avoid placing the bed under the beams and ceiling fans in the windows.

Means for lovers and couples to enjoy the Feng Shui

On this basis, practice, do not put the tracks inside the room because they can lead to arguments. On the other hand, put more blue in increasing the vitality and youth. Use the symbols of love like a pair of mandarin ducks. Do not put the images represent loneliness, like a statue of a woman or a man. Furthermore, adding a touch of pink is also ideal for your room.