Gypsum ceiling bedroom

Playing with ceiling shape which aligned with the concept of building design creates a sense of space that is not monotonous. This concern should be aware of many when they got tired of the traditional form of a flat roof. The Gypsum ceiling bedroom basically influenced by several factors, such as the concept of building design, space interior, ceiling materials can be used, ceiling height and the place, which is shaded by the roof. To help you choose the roof, you should first find out the basic shape.
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Three different types of

Generally, there are three basic types of roof.

– Follow the form of a truss

This form ceiling look more spacious. There are two types of this form, namely the Cathedral (triangles for a truss) and Shed (and sloping ceiling).

– Dome

Dome roof to provide accent arched Gypsum ceiling bedroom paintings. This form gives the impression of a house that is geometric.

– Flat or suspended

The maximum amount of form hanging frame, or attach the cover material. This form is generally familiar with traditional roof. It has already been heavily modified to a shape or a curved ceiling increase.
gypsum ceiling designs bedroom

From the basic forms of the roof, you can create your own type of surface material. There are several roofing materials, such as bamboo, wood, plaster, glass and fiber glass reinforced cement products (GRC).

– Gypsum

Plaster or GRC should be installed in the system, such as crossing the brick wall installation to minimize the occurrence through the junction.

– Glass

Glass roof of light and can be very large amount of heat, so that it can reduce the artificial light. Gypsum ceiling bedroom can also be an accent. It’s better if you use tampered glass thickness of 10 mm. Installing glass ceiling requires a strong body side, so that the glass wedged strong and does not move.