Herringbone tile pattern

When using a ceramic or porcelain kitchen tiles , there are many options for organizing. Designers ceramics models of architecture , textiles and many others to create new patterns on the floor . Whether you use large or small size of the sofa can be increased to new ways of arrangements. Fine patterns and bright colors should be used cleverly , so that they do not over power the rest of the decor. Some common layouts to invoke the sense of depth and vitality in the room are as follow –

Herringbone tile pattern floorSquare designs – This standard method , which is quite common. This is done by stacking one square tiles in accordance with the vertical and horizontal joint lines . Use other colors in this common Herringbone tile pattern can create a tile board, which is quite popular. Black and white colors used in this model.

Diagonal Pattern – Square tiles are laid diagonally with an inclination of 45 degrees for grout lines. The effect of laying design is unique and works great for big place.

Masonry Pattern – Kitchen floor tiles can be made , such as brick in the wall . The starting point for the second row of tiles from the center of the first row of them.

Rectangular kitchen tiles

Herringbone tile pattern floorWeave – This is an interesting Herringbone tile pattern created by placing two plates on top of each other horizontally. The following two vertically disposed . Continue this pattern with the floor.

Diagonal Herringbone – a rectangular stones diagonally and the other is located in the middle last . This is not as complicated as normal herringbone , but still requires a professional to install.

Herringbone tile pattern imagesSome of the other motifs – Ribbon design is also quite common. To achieve this, square and rectangular kitchen tiles stacked alternately. You can also work with a brick – a pattern of these two forms . The hexagonal pattern is another interesting, with Herringbone tile pattern disposed on one side of the interface. Pinwheel or wind patterns in any of the other unique ways to the floor. In this method, a square surrounded by four rectangular with , superimposed .