Home aquarium design

To set up a freshwater aquarium, you need to plan the whole process is exactly the environment you create.

You must start Home aquarium design to the desired shape. Freshwater Aquarium can vary the size of a gallon of hundreds of liters.
Home aquarium design 2012
It is then possible to determine the location of an aquarium at home. When it is decided, you can then see how many fish in the aquarium and the type of plants need. You should know that the number of fish that used to determine the shape of the aquarium.
Home aquarium design
You can choose between several models of Home aquarium design on the market. The amount of water is not the only parameter determining the size of the tank. Rectangular shape is preferable because it is easier to maintain. Other popular models are L-shaped, square cubes, etc. at the front and bulging
Home aquarium design ideas
Next, decide how many fish you want to travel. You do not want to go to the number of fish that does not displace your freshwater aquarium tank. The number of fish will depend on the shape of the tank. Remember a rule of thumb: one inch of fish needed a liter of water. This scale is not clear, but the widely accepted concept. Can also be terminated by treating the total area of ??the container, a square inch of fish per twelve shell surface.
Home aquarium design for small room
If considering the surface, then a rectangular aquariums are better than the Hexagon. Home aquarium design shape also depends on habits and habitat for fish. For example, fish living in the different water levels, such as residents in the area, mid-level swimmers and bottom dwellers.