Homemade garden furniture

Jumps can be used in different ways in different places. The ‘ common use of springboard is to decorate your garden or Homemade garden furniture in an artistic way to give a sanctuary like feeling. Whether you use a springboard to create a gateway into your garden or use them to decorate your home, you can do wonders if you can make your own milestones. In this article we will cover the steps to create your own milestones that are used for different purposes and can be designed according to the frame used .


Before you design your own unique platform , you need the following

A bag of quick setting cement
Shovel or hoe
Container for use as a mold
Broken tiles or other hard objects that can be used for decoration
old spoon

The size of your trampoline can vary, but you must ensure that its thickness is at least 2 inches . You also need to make sure that the work area is covered by a newspaper or plastic wrap to help clean up the game is done.

Preparation of trampolines

Homemade garden furniture diyBefore starting the preparation of the Homemade garden furniture platform, you have to decide what would be the shape and size of your springboard. In simple terms, your business is already decided and needs to shape . The most important thing that you should keep in mind when preparing stone is that it should be two inches thick. To give a better shape for your springboard you can use a mold or if you do not want to buy a mold , you can use a saucer ice cream plastic bucket or a box of pizza.

1 . Mix the concrete mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions . The mixture should have the consistency of peanut butter. Quick adjustment Concrete is available in all stores or hardware stores for your home.

2 . Start mixing the materials , once the materials are mixed cement spoon into the mold that you designed . Level the mold gently and make sure there is no chance of air bubbles.

3 . Leave your dough for a few minutes to successfully install . Make sure that there is decorating the stone while it is in the mold.

Homemade garden furniture design4 . Once the dough is set in the mold start to decorate Homemade garden furniture . You can use the leaves, broken tiles , coins, colored mirrors or flat depending on your preference .

Homemade garden furniture plans