IKEA Aneboda Wardrobe

Looking for other household items? Then you should go to the Ikea store. It is a Swedish company that sells all kinds of home products. IKEA stores are famous because of their furniture.
IKEA Aneboda Wardrobe
IKEA Aneboda Wardrobe has a lot to offer when it comes to wardrobes for storage. One of the most popular lines of Ikea Pax wardrobe is products. Product price varies depending on size. It runs $ 90 as the smallest and the largest is a $ 900 wardrobe. And you do not have to worry about, if it suits the color of your room, as they are available in neutral colors like white, cream and black.
ikea aneboda wardrobe birch
One of IKEA Aneboda Wardrobe hot selling items in Mammut wardrobe. Mammut wardrobe is unique in design because it looks like the door will go to another room. This is especially wardrobe is very ideal for children and especially girls, because of its design and color is pink, red and blue. Mammut wardrobe is not as high, but the quality is worth the price $ 220
ikea aneboda wardrobe white
To get a small storage closet, you can check IKEA Aneboda Wardrobe product line. There are two ANEBODA wardrobe currently offered at great prices $ 150 each. If you only need a small storage closet, this is a great option that comes with a stylish white design.
ikea aneboda wardrobe beech
Another quality is Ikea Edland wardrobes. If you go to a black-colored furniture, so this is for you. You can choose between two different models. Although they have the same price of $ 799, can be seen from the door variant of the structure in which one is made of glass, while the other is made of wood. You can say it is an expensive purchase, but pay attention to the big tree, not the price does not matter anymore.
ikea aneboda wardrobe armoire white
So far, everything dies dressing rooms are common. But if you are looking for an Ikea wardrobe without doors, as Elna wardrobe is the best option. Such a wardrobe to make hangers, well, you can store other items at the bottom of the hangers. There is a large amount of money is $ 135 a lot of storage capacity.