Ikea bunk beds

Ikea bunk beds for kids are great for putting two children in the same bedroom. They are also just plain fun for the kids too. But if you are not aware of the steps you can take to make a parent child safe and together, even the best bunk beds for children called an accident waiting to happen. When using this kind of children’s bedroom furniture for your home, you want to make sure you do the right things to keep the little (and big) boys in good health throughout the night.

Ikea bunk beds kids

1. Always make sure that children who sleep on site is more than six or seven years old. Some of the company’s guidelines recommend that all buyers who use the top bunk must be at least six. Ikea bunk beds are also recommended for ages 7 and up. The manufacturers always emphasize at least as a guideline, and there is a good reason. Most accidents take place in the children’s bunk beds kids bunk bed less than six drop. Believe statistics, and make sure that everyone who sleeps on top of a bunk bed can physically adjust to sleeping at this level.

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2. Even if you have a child old enough to sleep on the upper level of a bunk bed, make sure the top bunk of the frame rails and the rail opening at the bottom of the bed is more than 15 inches wide. In addition, make sure that the bed rails are at least five inches higher than a bunk bed mattress. These additional security measures provide additional comfort in the knowledge that you are a child sleeping in the top bunk is completely protected and safe.

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3. Make sure that children do not hang on any side of the Ikea bunk beds. You never want something that can loop the child’s neck, arm, or leg, causing injury or choking, even if the child is just coming down from the top bunk and slips down.

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4. Do not turn any of the side of the bunk bed. Although it may seem attractive, it is a little hat on a hook or a pencil holder on the side of three bunk beds, to the small screws or other protruding from scratch or cut the skin, if someone loses his balance on the way down the bunk bed ladder.