Inspiring Blue Paint Color Ideas

Inspiring Blue Paint Color Ideas — Minimalist trend makes the colors as a reference for a house to be beautiful. Color can give a certain impression, affect human mood or feeling. There are some minimal paint colors to choose from, but before you can learn the character of his color. Like humans, the colors have a character and personality that make it unique and different from each other. Once you understand the character of these colors, you can choose to suit your needs and your personality.


Inspiring Blue Paint Color Ideas



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This article will give you ideas for your paint color. Inspiring Blue Paint Color Ideas. Blue represents harmony and give an impression of space. Element can not be separated from water and air, the blue color associated with nature. Room with a blue color can induce a feeling of calm and cool, serene, peaceful, cool and quiet feeling of giving birth. Be careful with giving too much blue, as it will give the impression of lethargy. Strong blue color which can stimulate and facilitate meditation.


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What’s interesting about the color blue, according to a survey conducted in Britain by Sandtex Paint, the average homeowner with blue paint to earn 38 thousand pounds every year. The conclusion was obtained from a survey of 3000 homeowners. As quoted from the Times of India, the same survey also found another conclusion. People who have a house with blue paint, is known to have two significant promotions, half achieved a position as a director or manager and at least three people have a ‘subordinate’ or men, and never go on holiday abroad at least twice. In addition, the study found that the average stay at home driving a blue Audi TT to work. Homeowners ‘blue’ is also a lasting partner and has two children and four close friends. It’s very unusual, could affect the color of your house to your success in your career or at home. This certainly suggests that those differences in decorating a house, depending on how they are working professionals in their personal lives. So for those of you lovers of blue or want to ‘succeed’, you can use this color to paint your home — Inspiring Blue Paint Color Ideas.