Interior wood doors

As today’s review for remaking your house, we will give you more information on the wooden door that will make your house look so special. Wood has been used as door for many years since the ancient and even in this modern day, people still using wooden doors as their gate to enter their house. Since last time we have see so much on the French style doors, right now, we will move to the more common topic, we just want to have a surface review on the interior wood doors. This is really useful, if we want to buy something, we need to see from the basic information right. So here we go.

interior wood doors dark

interior wood doors dark

The interior wood doors actually didn’t have much models and design unlike the front gate of the house. We will have the plain with pattern wooden doors , the glass and also the one that is similar with the French style doors, we got the wide glass framed with dark wood. Well, let see from the fusion, can be said as the one which has most similarities with the French design. If you are familiar with the glass on the sliding door, this is really similar, but the wood framed all edge of the glass.The dark wook color give the classic design and warm for the see-through door with glass. The next one is still using a glass as decoration. The colorful glasses are usually used too in this kind of wooden door. This door mainly made from wood, and then the glass is decorated into certain characters, could be floral, or anything and placed in the top of the wooden doors. Looks so unique and amzing for me. Some may give the see-through glass and give curtain in a window on the doors.

interior wood doors

ncenter” width=”600″]interior wood doors with glass interior wood doors with glass[/caption]
The last one in the interior wood doors is the plain wood without any additional materials. They usually will make pattern on the wooden doors, could be engraved patter, could be just an edge like bu playing with the texture of the woods. the pattern can be palying with lines just like the pictures bellow.