Italian Exotic Bathrooms Design in Timeless Style

Italian exotic bathrooms design offers luxury accent in a house cleaning area. It gives stylish and artistic detail and color which are adorable to stare from time to time. Long lasting minimalist and classic style incorporated in this Italian style of bathroom must be its basic strength among the other bathroom interior styles. Let’s find the main characteristic of this European bathroom style in the paragraph below.Italian Exotic Bathrooms Design 2012

Following the latest trend of home interior design, we will bring such modern scheme in this Italian exotic bathrooms design. Several classic objects seem always to be interesting thing to decorate a shower room. It must involve mirror with wood or metal frame, acrylic bathtub, stone or pebbles, and chandelier for lighting. These classic items may be some great accessories in Italian exotic bathrooms design. Oval mirror with light aluminum frame looks elegant with artistic curling detail on the frame. This mirror style is really perfect to represent vintage atmosphere in the Italian bathroom decoration. Soft marble above-counter sink located in front of this mirror offers relaxing focal point in the powder room. Basic white acrylic vanity is also perfect for simple elegant Italian exotic bathrooms design if desire.

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Italian Exotic Bathrooms Design Luxury

To bring the Italian accent into the bathroom, choose strong and bold hues on wall, ceiling, and floor area. Red, bold blue, grey, black, and bronze always become appropriate choice for this situation. Don’t be afraid to involve glossy scheme on those elegant colors. You will find the best result on it then. If your bathroom is small enough, don’t try to block your space with too much strong color. Bright neutral color such as white is a must to add spacious accent in the small bathroom. Dividing the space on the wall to be painted in color is kind of creative method to bring wider nuance on the lower area. For instance, you may put the white on ¼ part of lower wall, whereas the ¾ part of wall is colored in strong color such as glossy red. Glossy white floor and ceiling will omit dull scheme in this Italian exotic bathrooms design

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