Kitchen curtain ideas for small windows

Good morning for this lovely day, I heard that some of you want to have more and more models for the kitchen curtains, then I come here after my previous post with the similar topic. Well, I will specify my review on the kitchen curtain ideas on the small window on the kitchen. This is based on several surveys that I have read, that some of the kitchen in this country especially for those who lived in apartment are having a small window as safety design on their kitchen. Well I should say that it’s a good idea for efficiency of the design for the overall design as the growth of population getting higher, efficiency in building house would be so important. Then, how about the curtain for the small window?You may check these designs that I have saw.

Kitchen curtain ideas lace 300x300 Kitchen curtain ideas for small windows

Kitchen curtain ideas lace

The first idea on the kitchen curtain ideas is the classic lace design that I saw. the unique design of this curtain is that it leaves a hole-like, well let say that as a space on the center of the small window. This would be beneficial as the light circulation will bot be blocked by the curtains, So you don’t have to tie the curtains to get the sunlight, but it’s already like that. The lace design would be very lovely of your overall design using the wood element. That will empower the classic design that is already seen from the wooden interior design that you have chosen before. The next design of the kitchen curtain ideas would be the lovely and cute white curtains with the cock and ducj pattern on it. I love how classic anc soft color used in this two layer curtains. The cock or hen in a yellow color become a really cute pattern that always remind you to the warm of morning sunlight.
Kitchen curtain ideas 300x300 Kitchen curtain ideas for small windows

kitchen curtain styles

The last design that I bring on the kitchen curtain ideas here is the beads curtain style. This beads design is usually used in the bedroom for teenagers, but I said, nothing wrong to try a new ideas right? These beads will look so unique on your small kitchen.
Kitchen curtain ideas beads 300x300 Kitchen curtain ideas for small windows

Kitchen curtain ideas beads