Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Lighting is an essential part of a home design. With the right choices of light, we can enhance the whole look of the room. You can create a clean, warm, or cozy feeling in the same room by just change the lighting. When it comes to a kitchen design, the kitchen island lighting is something that play a big role to create the perfect look. The kitchen island itself is tend to be the center of attention at the kitchen, therefore it needs the perfect lighting to be able to stand island lighting
There are various ideas that can be applied for the kitchen island lighting. Contemporer or modern designed kitchen usually need a lot more lighting compared to the traditional one. For this, you can try to have the light fixtures above your kitchen island. The light fixture will give a lot of light during the day and make your kitchen look spacious. This kind of lighting is also great for saving energy. However, some people think that light fixture doesn’t look good during the evening because it looks like you have a hole up there. To have the same effect with the light fixtures without having a dark hole at the night, you can try to have a mount ceiling lamp. The brighter color that you choose the better it looks. Modern designs usually goes really well with white island lighting
The other kitchen island lighting idea that you might try to have is the under cabinet lighting. This way of lighting is uncommon, therefore it will make your kitchen looks unique that it will not easy to forget. This kind of lighting is more decorative, so it just for the secondary lighting. You can also have another decorative lighting like spotlight at the certain area of the kitchen island where you put a decorative piece to draw attention. With the right kitchen island lighting, you will have a really nice looking kitchen to look island lighting