Lighting Dining Room Contemporary

As the vital points in occupancy, lighting evolved into “not just light.” With the support of technology, innovation and design demands, present in every room that has a specific function of space and adapted to the needs of residents. In the market, has now found many different types of light fixtures or accessories following a sweetener. However, this complete range of functions and will not answer the needs of the room if you do not understand how to apply. Here are tips about lighting applications in residential.



lighting dining room contemporary




led dining room lights


In a room, there should be three layers of light, namely the general lighting illuminates the space with its primary function as a whole, usually mounted on the ceiling or the middle of the room. Later, special lighting to illuminate certain functions such as the chandelier in the dining room, accent lighting and decorative objects which accentuate its function in the room like a painting or photograph on the wall. Many types of lights that you can plug in the dining room. Some examples of lighting design you can see in this article. You can make it as inspiration for the lighting in your dining room.


lighting dining room ideas



lighting dining room


To manipulate space, on the short wall to be mounted vertically shaped lights. The light will spread to the upper and lower height make the room more memorable. To impress higher, install a standing lamp with a light upward direction. Ceiling will be much brighter so memorable further from reach. Add a few pieces of the mirror because it can double the light generated light so the room appear more spacious. The right lighting will make your room appear more ‘perfect’. All the decorative elements that exist in your dining room, it will be obvious. Good lighting in the dining room will add to the intimacy you and your family or your guests while dining together.