Little Baby Room

Little baby room — There are two important issues in the design of a baby sleeping space is safe and comfortable. With meticulously arranging of space as well as furniture did not difficult to embody two things it. Arrangement of the room the baby should be estimated in terms of functionality and level of activity in it. All you need do is design the spatial layout or the beginning of the placement and selection of furniture to the setting of air circulation and light. With meticulously pay attention of layout, akan help the motion parents or nanny infant when caring and monitor the baby.


little baby room



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The little baby room should not be too narrow but not too broad. Must be fitted and adjusted to the space handler. Being close to a bathroom, baby’s room should remain sterile water to facilitate absorption. Then in making a baby room layout, notice the indoor air circulation. Convenient place for babies is a warm, not hot and not too cold. It can be created by making cross ventilation, or winds above the small room, which can drain the air.


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Cross ventilation useful help the circulation of air, and make air temperature stay awake. Hot air can get out and replaced with fresh outdoor air. To design a baby room lighting, it is highly recommended use of natural lighting using sunlight to warm the baby’s due, and more energy efficient. Ventilation could use sunlight to enter into the room. However, the rays do not enter directly. For the night, the lights also do not highlight directly to the baby. If too light, the light beam can be reduced with light filters that make banyi comfortable. Meanwhile, security aspects can be created through the property that is used. For a crib, a decent bed for the baby because the baby is safe box. Choose a bed that has standardized on the safety latch on the box. Babies who are growing up to be a lot of moving and rolling. If the latch is not secure, then the baby will be at risk of falling. Note also the materials used. Avoid furniture that forms an angle or taper as it would create a risk of friction on baby’s skin. To increase security, the paint used must also be safe, and contain no chemicals. Usually the paint using chemicals indicated by strong odors and stinging eyes. Are so Similarly wall paint must skimpy chemicals. Paint color can also affect the character of the baby. The use of bright colors such as light colors can make the baby more active, while the muted colors such as the color of the young, will make the baby more relaxed. Infants begin to develop, can be modified with a patterned paint-a unique pattern — little baby room.