Lowes shower doors

Modern technology has made it possible to bring a luxury sauna or steam room in the house. Creating a home sauna, you must be the best steam shower with glass doors.

When you decide to replace the Lowes shower doors, make sure that it can effectively trap heat and keep warm shower enclosure. In addition, it should be heat resistant and shock resistant. You can choose a hinged or sliding models. Beyond opening hinged door would be for safety reasons while the sliding door saves space and makes good lighting.
lowes shower doors frameless
Online retailers like Home Depot and Lowes shower doors, steam shower doors offer different types of glass to fit any modern bathroom decor. Some of them offer a range of wholesale price. Check out some of the available in the market.

Sedona (TM) Steam Shower:

This SteamPro Steam Shower System is easy to install and easy to use. You can activate the whole body steam just pressing a button. It has a fixed seat, self leveling base, built-in tile flange and optional dome. The dimensions are 60 inches and a length of 32 inches, a width of 18.625 inches high. Color options are black, oyster, almond and white. Starting price for this door is $ 3700 on products.jacuzzi.com.
lowes shower doors glass
Kohler K-702210-L Kathryn Steam Pivot Shower Door with Crystal Clear Glass

This steam shower has a hinged door in style. Framed design of this door will bring sophistication and elegance in a modern bathroom. You have choices in the frame ends that complements the door with crystal clear glass. Door fits openings 76 inches wide and 76.5 inches high by 34 inches and 35 inches wide. It accepts glass coating technology, which helps to repel water is easy to clean. Prices for this door range from $ 1,737.79 and $ 2,166.13, a discount of 32 percent off the original price of between $ 2566.70 and $ 3199.30.

Sonata Glassworks Bypass Shower Steam Door:

This door is the latest offering Kohler. It is advisable to fit Kohler K1669 and K1569 devices. Available are obscure glass, etched and clear. Available colors are bright brass, bright silver. This Lowes shower doors is sold under K9809-B-SH is homecenter.com only $ 504.71.lowes shower doors sliding