Luxurious Bathroom Designs

Luxurious bathroom designs   its main function is to take a bath, clean the body. In traditional homes, the bathroom is usually placed far from the main building. The reason is simple, bathroom and toilet, associated with a dirty, damp, far from sacred. The concept of the modern home, the bathroom is no longer a negative association. Even the bathroom can be a reflection of the character of the inhabitants. Bathrooms may also reflect a person’s social class. Because the choice of material, equipment sanitair, must be integrated into a harmonious interior layout.


luxurious bathroom designs



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Bathrooms are no longer serves as a clearing agency. The bathroom is now a place for various activities, for example, reading, bath / spa / whirlpool and glass, of course, in addition to its basic functions, namely bathing and defecation. The main ingredients for a luxury bathroom design can be derived from the marble slab. That is, pieces of marble in large size. This kind of marble must be ordered specially. Because the pieces of marble will be tailored to the needs of your bathroom. You can replace it with other kinds of fancy stones for your luxurious bathroom designs.


luxurious bathrooms


In order for these functions can be accommodated in one room, consider the following principles: You have to divide the space into two main parts, namely the area of wet and dry areas. Wet areas should be separated with a really dry area. In the design on the shower tray, a barrier to splashes of water from the wet area does not go into a dry area. Plan the installation of clean and dirty water, and electrical installation carefully so that in future you do not need to damage the marble or granite. Prepare filters dirt, especially in the sink, whirlpool / spa, and a bathroom. To be in the future, not the case that water is not flowing smoothly. Lighting in the bathroom can be set such that the impression of exotic as well as functional can be achieved. Plan from the outset of goods or needs what would you put or store in the bathroom. If you like to read while bathing, which means you need a shelf or shelves are easy dijangka. If you want to keep the towels in the bathroom you have to set up a small closet in there. So many places to put these goods, you can make the interior of one of the elements that enrich your bathroom. Place the sink in an unusual way, can also make your bathroom exclusive impression becomes stronger — luxurious bathroom designs.