Matching Roof and Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Matching roof and exterior paint color is essential in building a house. The harmony combination between the roof and house exterior makes your living space gorgeous in appearance. You must want to get a good impression from your neighbor and guests who passing your house. And that impressive opinion only can be gotten by ensuring both roof and exterior of the house are suitable for each other. How to get that then? Nowadays, there are many types of roof. It is produced in different shape, size, and texture, color, material and thick. Some of roof types are even waterproof to avoid some leaks in your living space.

Matching Roof and Exterior Paint Color Image

In other word, color paint is found in many options. It is bold, vibrant, bright, soft, and dark. Nowadays, there are many new colors found to complete the color paint collection. Those new colors are typically results of combination between current colors. For instance, you will find turquoise as a result of combination between blue and green. Magenta is a result of combination between purple and red. Those colors collection are ready to pick matching roof and exterior paint color for living space design concept. Here, we will find some simple inspirations of roof and exterior home appearance mix and match. Let’s start to a classic combination in neutral color scheme. Basically, neutral color consists of white, grey, brown, and black. Black is unusual for exterior home painting. It is because black can create such dull and hot atmosphere on the house.

Matching Roof and Exterior Paint Color Ideas

So that’s why, choosing white, grey and brown will be the best choice to bring warm, cool, and modern scent on the house appearance. Try to apply bolder color on the roof instead of the exterior wall. It will give your house such calm or shaded impression. If you want to apply traditional and natural color scheme such as wood wall and flooring that displayed on the exterior side, brown is the best roof color to pick. This brown roof is also appropriate for colorful exterior wall. But, it will be better if you choose darker roof color to contrast brighter color paint on the exterior wall as simple matching roof and exterior paint color.

Matching Roof and Exterior Paint Color Concept