Metal Furniture Designs

The names of the pioneer architects in the field of furniture from the Scandinavian region, certainly a very big role in introducing the Scandinavian style to the corners of the world. Protrusion of the character of the wood, the use of fabric with a simple motif, and the tastes of seats featured as a work of sculpture, is a typical Scandinavian form, although in a later stage the use of metal materials for the design and production process to use the machine also takes a leading role. Here are some metal furniture designs that you can make as an inspiration.


metal furnitures



metal furniture feet


Metal furniture can be combined with other materials. The seat backrest and seat, is the unity of the whole field of molded plastic material. In addition to plastic materials, other materials used are: plywood, with the same method of formation of the plastic. Foot frame using aluminum material, a printing plate or a rod. Just as in the works of building design, trying to highlight the plasticity of the material or materials. Sofa chair legs using metal materials are always forming a cone pattern, narrowed at the bottom. The seat back of the sofa looks square and flat. Metal furniture designs have vary unique and modern styles.


metal furniture designs



unique metal furniture



Furniture from metal stronger than plastic material. However, its corrosive properties make this material shunned by the user. This can be minimized by penegcatan. A good paint will make the anti-rust metal that has a longer time of use. You do not need to worry because of this problem. Furniture with a metal material having more creative than wood or plastic. The use of modern machinery makes this material easily combined and used to produce furniture of any kind. Thus, long-lasting furniture with many designs to choose from, it is worth to be considered as a complement to your home interior.