Minimalist garden design

Too often , the Minimalist garden design becomes almost an after thought and the lowest priority in the budget to improve the habitat restricted . For me, it is a travesty , as the garden is probably the largest room in the house and deserves the same thought and design offered to the kitchen, the living room or bathroom . Often it is the ‘ element that can make the difference between the sale of a home or not.

Even small London or city gardens , where space is at a premium, can be transformed into a haven of architectural foliage and fabulous for summer meals and entertainment , not only adds value to the home, but a new dimension to the living space. Remember, the garden should not be considered a separate entity , but rather as an extension of stay. In our short summers should be a magnet drawing family and friends to it at every opportunity , and in winter , the view must be one that serves as a reminder that spring is not too far away.

Minimalist garden design modernThe Minimalist garden design is the place to start. The style and design you choose should reflect the home and are not in conflict with it . We must begin to address all the unpleasant characteristics . Even a bad view can be softened with the depth of reflection plant . Similarly , privacy must be protected without the prying eyes of neighbors who overlook . Again, this can usually be accomplished with the seeding strategy . Common garden fences can be camouflaged , such as sheds , which can serve as a storage essential, but pay nothing for the overall design .

Minimalist garden design ideasThe next priority of Minimalist garden design is the patio , the amount of which shall fulfill at least the occupants of the home, and if space allows , give to receive . Tables and chairs must fit comfortably with plenty of room to walk around , and the golden rule not to block the entrance of the house in the garden always respected . Ideally, patio depths should have a minimum of 4 meters. Patios air tight simply terrible.

Minimalist garden design photos