Mirror Design on Wall

The mirror is not just a thing to help people dressed themselves. The mirror can be applied as a decorative element on walls. As an object that reflects light and the objects in front of him, the mirror can be used for various purposes. Maybe people are more mengenail first mirror as the object for conducting herself. Now the function of the mirror a little broader. In the dining room you can also place the mirror. The use of a mirror on the wall is quite efficient. The mirror does not meet one of the walls. Mirror mounted just behind the dining table furniture. The effect is very pronounced. Dining area was spacious, but other areas remain compact and functional, not to make self-conscious when in the room.


wall mirror design ideas



mirror design on wall



mirror design ideas



In the world of interior, mirrors, among others, used to provide decorative and psychological effects on the space. Decorative effects can be created by processing and placing a mirror in a certain spot on the wall. To that end, the mirror should be decorated so that the figure is more interesting than just a sparkling glass. For example, by framing a mirror with square frame, carved, or frame colors, and then hung on the walls of the room. Thus the following are expected to mirror its frame appear as points of interest to a room.


mirror design for bedroom



mirror design for living room



mirror design for bathroom


Unlike the case with a decorative effect, the psychological effect is more easily created. Positive effects of the use of mirrors in the room, among others, is to expand the space. This positive effect virtually the most easily obtained. Simply mirror affixed to the wall, and the wider effects can be obtained. Suppose that in the photo. A large mirror placed to meet one of the walls of the room. This wood framed mirror. Frame is intended to affirm the existence of a mirror in the room. Once finished, the vast space of the effect can be obtained.