Modern bay window

If you are lucky enough to live in a Victorian house or other designed building in the same way , you may have inherited these big beautiful windows , bay at the front of your property. Not only are the windows of this size can be great for light and space, but in fact they are also a great option for Modern bay window and there is not much you can do to improve and make incredible !

Modern bay window designsIf your Modern bay window is located on the ground floor and depending on what you have decided to use the room for , you could build in a window seat. If the main purpose of the room is a living room , which makes perfect sense and creates at least an additional four seats, which can be really useful if you have a party or a special event . To grow further , you can dress up the session with scatter cushions and if you use a contemporary design such as butterflies or birds, then your room will also have a very modern look.

Maybe the part in question is used as a dining room , in this case , the placement of the dining table in the space from the window means that you can then use the seat of the of window additional dining space for up to four more .

Modern bay window curtainsDressing the Modern bay window can also produce more design possibilities . White shutters are very popular and they are a viable alternative to the often tired of tents looking alternative , adding an additional element of privacy and at the same time allow a lot of light . A better idea is to split horizontally , meaning that the bottom half can be private, while allowing light to pass through the upper half.

Full length curtains also work well in this space and provide a sense of opulence to the room. Bay window curtain rods are readily available in different sizes , colors and designs . Choose a modern fabric for curtains and in situ time in the glass the final appearance can be amazing !

Modern bay window ideas