Modern Classic Decorating Ideas

Modern classic decorating ideas — This article will show home interior in minimalist modern classic. It could also be called a retro-inspired design for the design of the 1950s. Actually the label is not too important, if retro, modern classic or eclectic. Because it basically means the beauty of interior design resulting from the composition of shapes, colors, material that is placed in space according to its function. So whatever label is fine.


modern classic decorating ideas



modern classic interior design


1950s in the United States is often referred to as the era homemaker (housewife era). Therefore, the interior features of this era is most clearly visible from the kitchen set design. Kitchen set is designed not only functional but also stylish and modern. This era is marked by a clear choice of colors, with lots of chrome on the use of cabinet handles / legs of the table and modern kitchen appliances. White, yellow, green, red / orange or black is the color most often used. Inspired by 1950’s era design this time taking the color choices. White domination became our choice for the minimalist style is not lost. Black and red accents we put it to taste. Ie on the floor and table top black solid surface. Dining chairs and white colors, black and red.


modern classic living room


Similarly to all other interior spaces. Combination of retro and modern combination of colors and furniture in the game. White, gold and black became the dominant color for each room. The selection of furniture can not be entirely classical. Classical ornament just add on accessories alone. To be the main perabor modern style. Minimalist missing? No. Provided you do not add decorative knick-knacks that make “busy”. Get rid of anything that is not directly used in the room. Or, keep everything in place. Light, choose a modern and simple. Put the drink as part of decorating furniture is limited. Show only one type of color remain harmonious modern classic decorating ideas.