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For the first time I’ve seen a Murphy bed ikea while traveling in Europe. Some of the friends I have in Poland, invited me to his house, and saw a desk, but did not even know there was a bed in the corner!

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Murphy Bed Desk Double your available space, The primary use of a Murphy bed desk is to use the free space as well as a desk and a bed.

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In Europe, space particularly limited. The apartments can be quite small, making full use of the available space is why Murphy bed ikea has become so popular. Ikea offers items that are space-saving and convenient.

Murphy bed ikea cabinets

My friend in Poland, for example, lives in a one bedroom apartment. There is a small kitchen for cooking, a bathroom and a living room that doubles as a study, bedroom, dining room and living room. Because space is limited, everything would be smooth for some purpose.

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Hence the need for bed and desk combo.

What Murphy Bed Desk Like?

Desktop displays the typical research area attached to the big cabinet / bookcase. Cabinet houses a queen-size bed. When it is time to sleep, a table was turned down by the cabinet and the cabinet to the wall down, revealing the mattress.

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What’s more, with a lot of Murphy bed ikea, a desk, you do not need to remove all the items on the table – a desk just flip it out of the way under the bed so that everyone on the board will remain in place.

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It’s great! When the bed is folded up the case, no one will ever know it’s there.

Hidden bed and desk is a good idea, to avoid the awkward “I’m entertaining in my bedroom ‘atmosphere.

Requires a Murphy Bed Desk Carpenter to install one?

No, not at all. If you or a friend is handy with simple tools, you can install a hidden bed / console.

In general, the bed floor and cabinet mounts on the wall, so if you can drill a few holes and follow the simple instructions, you can install the bed and the closet itself.

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What makes a Murphy Bed Desk cost?

You can buy the whole bed and desk combination for as little as $ 1,600 and as much as $ 5,000 or even more.

It depends on what you want to own the bed and the desk.

For example, if you are fairly handy and would like to make your own cabinets and tables, so the folding wall bed hardware runs about $ 300. Hardware is only a device suitable for mattress and fold it against the wall.

Murphy bed ikea kit

If you want to find a bed and desk combination that is ready to be mounted on the wall, then of course, the prices are higher. I have been able to find a number of nice to just over $ 2000, ready to install and add your own mattress.